Employmentor, the popular HR and employment law service provided by Leathes Prior Solicitors for businesses across the UK, has been rebranded and re-launched with an enhanced service and a fresh new look.

Already providing a service to over 200 businesses nationwide, Employmentor, headed up by leading employment lawyer Dan Chapman, has undergone a transformation designed to ensure that clients remain best placed to meet the current demands that businesses face with managing staff and  keeping up with ever changing employment law.

In addition to a brand new website look and feel, the new and improved Employmentor places its emphasis on practical guidance and application of the law in day to day business, rather than telling employers what the law is and leaving the employer to wonder as to how to apply it.  The practical, up to date website content, together with specific advice from expert solicitors, makes Employmentor an extremely useful tool for employers of all sizes.

Employmentor was first taken to the market in 2003 and since that time has grown into one of the leading legal advice services of its type – copied by many since, but not rivalled we would say in terms of quality and cost effectiveness.    Since Employmentor’s inception the business world in general has changed and developed, as have the requirements of employment law.  The re-launch of Employmentor reflects those changes and provides a more modern solution to current issues.  For an annual subscription, a team of experienced employment solicitors are available to assist on a day to day basis dealing with the variety and complexity of all issues that arise. Subscription also gives access to a bank of information, links, template forms and documents for any business to use, which are regularly updated to account for changes in law.

Dan Chapman said “We appreciate our clients’ needs acutely and continually strive to offer them the service that supports their business in the most effective way. Our Employmentor offering has for   some time now been very well received, but an improvement of the technology behind the core website was necessary as was the introduction of a more modern, fresher look.  Behind that front end, though, remains what has always been in place;  qualified, experienced and pragmatic employment lawyers offering our clients dynamic and pro-active advice for remarkable value.”   

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