Q. In addition to the website, what actual support does the subscriber get from the Employmentor Team?
A. The subscriber gets unlimited telephone and email advice from the Employment Team (the members of which are all fully trained lawyers, specialising in Employment Law). The subscription fee allows access to the online EMPLOYMENTOR service along with the reassurance of our legal advice (either by telephone or email) on any focused, difficult issues that may arise. However minor a problem is, we will work together with the subscriber and find a solution that works best for the subscriber and the subscriber’s business.

Q. How often can a subscriber call or email the Employment Team?
A. As often as they need; it’s free!

Q. Will my communications with the Employment Team remain strictly private and confidential, even if the matter turn litigious?
A. Yes. Every member of the Employment Team is a fully qualified solicitor and therefore all communications with Subscribers are protected by Legal Professional Privilege. This means that at no point can our advice be disclosed; regardless of when and by whom it was sought. This sets us aside from many of our competitors who are staffed by mere employment “consultants” or “specialists” ( who are not practising solicitors ) and who are likely to find that their advice – at the very least their initial telephone advice at the time of dismissal – may have to be revealed to the employee’s solicitors should Employment Tribunal proceedings be issued.

Q. Will I always get a lawyer when I call or email the Employment Team?
A. Yes. All our members of the Employment Team are fully qualified lawyers who specialise in Employment Law. This is a distinction that sets us apart from many of our competitors who have unqualified “consultants” advising their clients. These consultants have no experience of Employment Tribunals or Courts, and thus in our view should be advising on matters without first hand experience of the forums in which employment disputes are resolved.

Q. Why do I need EMPLOYMENTOR’S services for my business?
A. All businesses will benefit from expert, pro-active, legal advice from a solicitor from time to time. Solicitors’ hourly rates can be as much as £250 p/h and so the costs of EMPLOYMENTOR are minimal in light of that. Subscribers quickly find that EMPLOYMENTOR pays for itself time and time again. The success of EMPLOYMENTOR is evidenced by our almost 100% renewal rate, so we must be doing something right!

Q. Why should my business sign up to EMPLOYMENTOR when a subscriber may be able to get free advice from an employer’s federation, a chamber of commerce or ACAS?
A. You get what you pay for! Our subscribers report glowingly that our service is tailored to their needs. Many of the other services available provide generic advice without focusing on the practical aspects of the subscriber’s situation. Do have a look at our testimonial page, and we are able to provide plenty more references upon request. Don’t take our word for it – speak to our subscribers!

Q. Does the subscriber have to sign a contract?
A. No. A subscription lasts for one year at which point the subscriber is free to cancel the subscription or re-subscribe. This sets EMPLOYMENTOR apart from its main competitors who tend to tie their subscribers to long contracts. This reflects the fact that their subscribers are often unhappy with the service, and would not opt to renew after one year if they had been given the choice.

Q. Does EMPLOYMENTOR come with tribunal insurance?
A. No, not as standard. We can and do provide Tribunal Insurance as a bolt-on to EMPLOYMENTOR, however, this is entirely optional for subscribers and is not appropriate or necessary for all subscribers. We would suggest you discuss with us your particular requirements.

Q. We want insurance. Why we would take it from you?
A. If you wish to have insurance to back up your EMPLOYMENTOR subscription this is provided by Temple Legal Protection Limited (“Temple”). The insurance provides cover for all our fees incurred after the receipt of a tribunal claim and awards of compensation of up to £100,000 per claim and £1,000,000 during the lifetime of the policy, subject to the terms and conditions of that policy. Temple has been providing Employment Practices Insurance since 1997 and is recognised as one of the UK’s leading legal expenses insurance providers.
Our main competitors often make this insurance cover compulsory and profit from it. If any of our subscribers require Tribunal Insurance we offer it only at Temple’s rate on a non-profit making basis. Temple is also a completely independent company and business from Leathes Prior. Temple has absolutely no involvement in the EMPLOYMENTOR service. This removes the conflict between what is the best advice for the client and what is the best for the insurer, which may exist within the service provided by our competitors. For further information about Temple, please refer to www.temple-legal.co.uk.